Haunted History Tour Brings Ghosts Of ‘The Lost Colony’ To Life

The history of our modern America began here…experience it in an entirely new way. The Lost Colony is extremely excited to present the Haunted History interactive ghost tour to the public in March and April.

Haunted History is a walking tour on the grounds of the first English Colony in America that is both fun and educational!  Guests are guided through an interactive, ghost tour by The Lost Colony’s own ghost hunting experts from Astral Plane Investigations. 

Participants experience history through real “ghost encounters” with those who lived here in 1587.  While exploring paranormal activity hotspots around the park, you also learn about Elizabethan history, early colonial exploration, the importance of these expeditions to the English and other European nations, the Native Americans who lived here, and theories of what happened to the settlers of the 1587 colony.

Step back in time and be a part of the mysteries of Roanoke Island and meet the ghosts of those who lived here. 

The Lost Colony, America’s longest running outdoor, symphonic drama, is thrilled to present this interactive, live theatrical experience!

The haunted trail will be presented nightly at the historic Waterside Theatre on Roanoke Island on March 31 through April 4 and April 7 through April 11.

The event begins at 8pm. 

Guests should plan on the tour lasting for 1 hour.  

Tickets are now on sale to Roanoke Island Historical Association Members and to the general public. 

Tickets are $15, plus tax, and they available for advance purchase online here.

Haunted History


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